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An unparalleled touch of elegance and grandeur

Enhancing your stay, our local expertise guides you to unforgettable experiences. Indulge in the finest with our vacation planning including yacht charters, personalized transportation, gourmet provisioning, pristine housekeeping, in-villa chef services, childcare, and rejuvenating massages.

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Vacation Planning

Our vacation planning services is offered to our guests of our short term rentals. Guests will receive a list of available accommodations before they arrive.

As local insiders, our managers bring a wealth of connections and insider knowledge to the table, allowing them to craft truly exceptional experiences for our guests. Their unwavering commitment to delivering the very best and their desire to exceed expectations are what set our services apart.

Our services are tailored to optimize your stay, freeing you to relax and indulge. Allow us to handle the essentials such as grocery shopping and in-villa culinary delights, so that you may fully bask in the luxury of your time in Newport.

Our typical service list includes,

Beach Supplies Drop Off

Vacation Planning

Let's talk.

We provide quotes at no cost to you.

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Exclusive Reservations

Daily Yacht Charters

Private Tours 

Helicopter & Plane Tours

Chauffeur (Daily)

Private Chef

Grocery Shopping & Stocking

Babysitting & Petsitting or Boarding

Alcohol Delivery

Sports Car Rental & Dropoff

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