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Hanley's Landscaping uses intelligent animation rendering to ensure our clients can truly visualize their landscapes. 

Hanley's Landscaping employs multiple landscape designers. 

We strongly encourage our clients to make changes to our designs to their liking.

Landscape Design

Hanley's Landscaping offers landscape design and installation services in Newport, Middletown, Portsmouth, Jamestown, and Narragansett. Hanley's Landscaping will also travel to greater Rhode Island & Massachusetts. 

Hanley's Landscaping provides blueprints, animated renders, and installation to all of our clients. We offer specialized designs ranging from historical restorations to seaside color schemes.

HANLEY'S (450 x 500 px) (450 x 450 px) (7)_edited.png
HANLEY'S (450 x 500 px) (450 x 450 px) (7)_edited.png

How does it work?

Rhode Island Ave, Newport RI

Hanley's Landscaping will discuss with you what is needed before your landscape design. Hanley's Landscaping will provide all preparation services including brush clearing, bed creation, fertilizing, and soil tests. Our designers will then create a design based on their discussion during the initial client meeting. This process continuous communication between the designer and client to ensure your dream landscape is created to your specifications. For a detailed list of our process please see the next block.

Byrnes Street, Newport RI

What type of process should I expect?

Step One: Client Meeting and Introduction

During our introduction meeting, we will discuss numerous things before we can start our design


1.) What types of renovations on the property are needed before we can install?


2.) Do you live at the property year-round? Many clients that have summer homes appreciate full color, rather than a mix with evergreens.


3.) Do you have dogs or young children? Some bushes, trees, and plants may be poisonous to dogs and children, or have thorns that can cause damage.


4.) What type of maintenance are you comfortable with? Some plants and trees will require more maintenance than others. Some green thumbed clients prefer to maintain their gardens themselves, while others will opt to have us complete all maintenance. 

5.) What is your budget? Some plants and trees are more expensive than others. Larger trees and plants are typically higher in price, nad some varities are higher in price. For oversized tree planting, please see "Oversized Tree Planting" in our services menu.

6.) What types of plants, trees, privacy, and colors are you looking for? 

HANLEY'S (450 x 500 px) (450 x 450 px) (7)_edited.png

Byrnes Street, Newport RI

HANLEY'S (450 x 500 px) (450 x 450 px) (7)_edited.png

Step Two: Initial Design


1.) Our designers and staff will work with you to determine exactly what your dream landscape looks like.

2.) The project manager and client decide on which plants, bushes, and trees will be included in the design.

3.) Blueprint is illustrated.

4.) An animated render is created, and clients may decide to make changes in plants and placement.

Champlin Street, Newport RI

Step Three: Installation

1.) Finalized Pricing Plan is Presented

2.) Down payment and contractual obligations are completed.

3) Plants, trees, and bushes are ordered.

4.) Project begins.

HANLEY'S (450 x 500 px) (450 x 450 px) (7)_edited.png

Rosedale Ct, Middletown

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