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Properties with Tenants

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Eviction Services

Evictions are extremely rare, but they happen. In the event of eviction, we will handle the entire process- even the legal end.

We screen our tenants’ credit score, perform a national criminal background screen, and verify proof of income, proof of employment, past rental history and more to greatly reduce the risk of an eviction, however, they can still occur. In the unfortunate circumstance of needing to evict a tenant – We provide the eviction services to manage the process from beginning to end.

Sign and serve in the property owner’s name all notices required to initiate and pursue the eviction process

Commence and prosecute actions to evict tenants

Recover possession of the property in the owner’s name

Recover rents and other amounts due

Let's get the job done.

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Transparency & Communication

You'll always understand what we're doing and how your property is performing. There will be monthly and annual accounting statements, allowing you to see what was spent and what was earned. Our financial accounting is transparent, detailed, and always available to you online through your owner's portal. We're easy to reach and completely accessible.

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