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Properties with Tenants

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Here's an overview of our management services.

When you work with Hanley, you’ll get everything you need under one roof. Not only are we one of the largest property management companies in Newport, we are also one of the largest landscaping and snow removal companies. You’ll get one-stop-shopping for all your management, construction, landscaping, and leasing services. 

Marketing Your Home

Pricing your property correctly prevents long and expensive vacancies. We’ll use our knowledge of the local Newport market to price your home competitively, ensuring you get the most rental income possible. We work with our partners in real estate to market the property across all the best rental platforms online, ensuring enough interest is generated among well-qualified tenants.

Leasing Your Home

We lease your home lightning fast, reducing your vacancy and turnover costs and placing a tenant who can be counted on to pay rent on time, follow the terms of the lease, and take care of your property. Tenants will appreciate our responsiveness, leading to longer and more profitable leasing periods.


Let's get the job done.

We provide quotes at no cost to you.

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We generate monthly reports on your expenses, liabilities and income to see how much profit you are making and are projected to make. In these reports you'll see estimated taxes, upcoming expenses, and where your property sits compared to your yearly goal.

Maintaining Your Home

When it comes to maintenance, we take care of everything from emergency repairs, preventative services to renovations and construction management.  Your property’s condition will be protected and you’ll receive high quality service at affordable rates. In addition to standard maintenance we also provide landscaping and snow plowing services.

Transparency & Communication

You'll always understand what we're doing and how your property is performing. There will be monthly and annual accounting statements, allowing you to see what was spent and what was earned. Our financial accounting is transparent, detailed, and always available to you online through your owner's portal. We're easy to reach and completely accessible.

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